Are you from out of town and need to leave a deposit for an Appointment to get tattooed?

Please contact artist or management prior to your payment submission".

There is a non-refundable deposit required to make an appointment for tattoos.

deposits will go towards your tattoo session as long as you don't miss your set date and time.

If you need to postpone an appointment you must give us a 72 hour notice or your deposit will be forfeited.

Postponements with Todo you must have a 2 week or more notice. Read Todo's FAQ Page

"Please call our studio prior to submitting your deposit."


Please Read

Todo is by appointment only and has a $500 minimum. Hand size Portraits average $1200 and up.

With over 35 years tattooing experience Todo only enjoys working on Tattoo's like (Color/Black and Grey-Portraits including Horror Movies, Famous Faces, Pet portraits and Wildlife.

please go to his FAQ Page for more information.


Our other artist Erika White, David Glover and Lauren have a $50 minimum and fair hourly rates for custom large designs.

We will not give quotes over the phone or e-mail!


Thank you

ABT Tattoo

Keep in mind we can't quote a price on a tattoo by email or phone,

you must come in and speak with an artist first.

"Please call our studio prior to submitting your deposit 770-320-9498."

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